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A Christmas Praise Dance

Chanda Thornton, of The Word in Motion, choreographed A Christmas Praise Dance celebrating the birth of The Lord.
Featuring Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio styles:

B633 Stain Glass Robe
0541 Straight Leg Pant

BWP001 Zip Back Turtleneck Leotard
0632 Stain Glass Vest
0565 Palazzo Pant

BWP201 Zip Back Turtleneck Leotard
632 Stain Glass Robe
565 Palazzo Pant

M633 Stain Glass Robe
541 Straight Leg Pant

401A/401C Leather Jazz Booty

FL100 Metallic Praise Flag
683 Stain Glass Versatile Sash
520 Chiffon Drapes
WD200 Metallic Streamer
WD100 Swivel Rod


Praise Dance, Introduction to Liturgical Dance: Level 1 DVD Trailer

Meet Chanda Thornton of The Word In Motion and learn all about liturgical dance, its history, and the proper garments to wear according to The Bible.
In this DVD you will learn:
-The definition of liturgical dance
-The different types of liturgical dance
-When and where to dance
-Praise vocabulary
-Choreography with step-by-step instruction
Chanda Thornton is the founder of The Word In Motion technique of liturgical dance that interprets words of songs into movement so that ANYONE can do liturgical dance, even without prior dance training..


Resurrection Praise Dance

Celebrating the Resurrection of Easter, Chanda Thornton of The Word In Motion Inc. choreographed this spring seasonal praise dance wearing Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio worship dance garments style 513, shoes style 507A .


Tiler Peck introduces ProWEAR™ by Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio

BWProWEAR™ high-tech fabric products made by Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio for dancers, dance teams and cheerleaders.


Tiler Peck Talks About Back To School Classes

Tiler Peck talks about back to school classes and Premiere products from Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio.


Billy Bell Introduces the BILLY 402A Contemporary/Jazz Shoe

Billy Bell, Artistic Director of Lunge Dance Collective, talks about and dances in the BILLY style 402A canvas contemporary/jazz shoe from Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio.


Billy Breaks Out

Billy Bell, Artistic Director of Lunge Dance Collective, choreographs and dances in the new Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio contemporary/jazz shoe, BILLY style 402A.


The Harvest, "His Banner Over Me Is Love"

Praising the Harvest and the Banquet Table, Chanda Thorton of The Word In Motion Inc., choreographed this seasonal praise dance wearing Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio worship dance apparel style 630, shoes style 507A with Banner style FL100 and Glory Hoop style GH100.


Joaquin De Luz - How to Choose a Canvas Ballet Slipper

Joaquin De Luz demonstrates how the Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio 246A totalSTRETCH Canvas Ballet Slipper is like a leather slipper; perfect for rehearsal or performance.


Tiler Peck introduces A47 ProCut Tight

Tiler Peck, Principal, NYC Ballet introduces the Body Wrappers revolutionary new totalSTRETCH A47 ProCUT Tight, which is a heelless, toeless backseam mesh convertible tight.

Featuring: Tiler Peck and Joaquin de Luz


Tiler Peck, the Official Spokesperson for Body Wrappers

Tiler Peck, Principal NYC Ballet, tells what to wear to an audition and how to stand out from a crowd wearing Body Wrappers Premiere styles: P621, P620, P829, P827, P828, P735, TP721.


DeMa Dance Company "6iX Works" - Corporate Sponsor Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio

See the dancers wearing Body Wrappers white 7256 halter boy-cut leotard with ruffle added, white T5103 chiffon pants with T5101 drape waistband, black bra 474 with black 765 short and the 246 totalSTRETCH peach canvas ballet slippers.


Gendance Interviews Trudy Christ of Body Wrappers

Get in on the fashion scene with Dominique from gendance and Trudy from Body Wrappers.

This trend forecast has us in for tights galore and a sprinkle of fab finds.


Body Wrappers in Paws for Style

Body Wrappers donated and modeled four tutu ensembles with matching doggie tutus at Paws for Style Monday, July 27th at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City. Paws for Style, celebrating it’s the 10th Anniversary, is the first charity dog fashion event created in 1999 and the original pet fashion show designed to raise money for the Humane Society and awareness for animal rescue.

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